About us

ZHARA MODELS is a network of model agencies and schools by Amin Agalarov for adults, children ad for all those who dream of trying their hand at modeling.

"We are the founders of the most advanced and modern agency ZHARA MODELS where all ladies will have an opportunity to realize themselves in the modeling industry" - Emin Agalarov, businessman, singer and musician.

We offer a wide range of services and opportunities for your self-growth. Ourwork is based on high standards and professional team with more than 15 year experience i modelig business.

ZHARA MODELS SCHOOL is a network of Emin Agalarov model schools, as well as:

     ⦁ Best teachers

      ⦁ Comprehensive training

      ⦁  Open to anyone: adults, children and for all those who dream of trying their hand at modeling. 

Studying at the ZHARA MODELS model school is an exciting process of working on yourself.

Our school conducts training based on the fact that a truly beautiful and successful person can only become if his personality is harmoniously developed. 

You will receive not only unique knowledge and skills, but also the opportunity to change yourself and your relationship with the world.

Become more confident, move smoothly and gracefully, attract and delight. You can learn this. And we will help you.